Little Sunflowers Family Childcare and Preschool 

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Little Sunflowers is

:A licensed full time home daycare and preschool located in Quincy, MA. Hours are: 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Ages One year - K

*Small Group Learning

*Incredible Indoor Play Space Just for Childcare

*Nutritious Meals and Snacks Provided; Featuring Organic food.

*Preschool Program/Emergent/Whole Child Curriculum

*Literacy Rich Environment

*Built in Music and Yoga Class with Heather from Breathe and Play Everyday  (All children participate) 

*Arts and Crafts

*Fenced in Yard

*Smoke Free Environment

*Convenient Location

*Monthly Newsletter

*Detailed information sheet about your child's day sent home each day
*Full time care only (no part time spots available)
*Ratio of 1:6 with a maximum of six children in care.

Loving Provider is:

*Toddler Teacher Certified
*Preschool Teacher Certified
*First Aid Certified
*CPR Certified
*Member (and on the Board) of the local Childcare Association ~ Milton Area Family Childcare Association
*Member of a Food Program -Child Development Health and Nutrition
~Members of a food program receive a minimum of six hours of training on child nutrition per year
~All licensed home daycare providers in MA are required to have a minimum of ten hours of continuing education per year (first aid, cpr and nutrition training not included in those hours).

Is Little Sunflowers the place for your child?
*Consistent caregivers
*Consistent friends in care
*Learning in mixed aged group
*No transitioning to different classrooms and groups at certain ages and times of day.
*Specific experiences for each child
*If you have a long term plan to move your child to a large center based preschool at 2.9-4 years old, Little Sunflowers is not the place for you.

Little Sunflowers will provide your toddler, preschoolers and pre-K with a warm, homey, safe environment where they will learn, develop and grow. With the huge advantage of spending years in an environment where they will receive individual attention and love from the same educator.  We follow a curriculum, but leave lots of time for free play. Allow your child to have their childhood of creativity and imagination with continuity of care, knowing they are part of a community.  They will take the lessons and love with them for the rest of their lives.   Learning through FUN is the key! We have LOTS of fun!!!


As of January 2021 Little Sunflowers has no openings.

Little Sunflowers is a great place to be!  Childcare is in a completely separate space from my home; even a separate entrance.  We have much, much more than the allowed 'space per child'.  I have all the same children everyday, limiting exposure.  

Do you think a nanny may be your best bet?  My daughters are both nannies and one of them is currently looking for a new placement and hoping it will be in Quincy.  She is available Mon-Thurs.  Please email her directly with any questions.  Her name is Jade and her email is:

Email Wendy:  to be added to an email notification list if you are looking for care in the future.  A general email is sent out to all on the list when there will be an upcoming opening.  *Only full time care is provided.

Much to my dismay I am horrible at returning phone calls.  If you have left a phone message with a question, please email instead.  I find it much easier to return emails.  Thank you!

Preschoolers and Pre-K

Little Sunflowers incorporates a preschool curriculum into our daily activities for fun and to prepare the older children for school. 
Wendy is Preschool Teacher Certified and will use her knowledge, along with a professional preschool curriculum to help your child learn throughout the day.  ALL of the advantages of a large preschool in a small exclusive environment with the individual attention and love your child deserves. All children will leave Little Sunflowers ready to enter Kindergarten!

*Curriculum follows the Common Core Pre-K Standards.  As a firm believer in young children needing freedom to play, explore and discover on their own as developmentally appropriate; learning takes place in a fun way at each child's pace.  

(Photo of Little Sunflowers Child in 2012)

 A typical day will have time for; reading stories, creating things with our hands, eating and sleeping and learning about ourselves, each other and the world around us.

endy isToddler Teacher Certified.  She will use her knowledge, as well as information provided by your child to make each day a happy one. 

Toddlers will be provided with stimulating and developmentally appropriate activities.  Toddlers learn by doing.  LOTS of hands-on activities will be provided as they learn through play skills.

With our small group it's so easy (and fun) to specify the curriculum around the children's natural interests and curiosities.