Little Sunflowers Family Childcare and Preschool 

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The benefits of Family childcare ~ view our activties

The goals of my program are to provide your child with an environment in which they can feel comfortable and safe.  A warm, homey atmosphere in which they will be able to grow, explore, learn and develop on his/her own level. All children leave the program prepared for Kindergarten.  A great alternative to center-based pre school care, this small group, low ratio setting offers the best of learning environments.

In a home daycare children have the opportunity to learn from children both older and younger.  Being a part of a close knit mixed-age group fosters helpfulness and compassion, reinforces responsibility for self and others, and allows children to experience sibling roles outside of their own family structure.  Both the oldest and youngest children in care learn from each other and all benefit.  Studies show continuity of care is very important in young children's lives. Your child can be with the same educator for many years. Allowing them to receive individualized attention from someone who knows them well and loves them.  This helps them to build trust, grow lasting relationships and develop a sense of belonging they will carry with them for life. Studies have proven that a child's early experiences can impact brain growth and development.  There is a direct link between strong attachments in early childhood (birth - age five) and a child's ability to cope with the social, emotional and intellectual demands they will face in adulthood.  They will carry their early childhood experience with them for life.

Each month at Little Sunflowers brings many new activities that revolve around themes.  Young children learn best through activities that interest them. Each month pre school will focus on a few new letters, colors, numbers and shapes we learn about as we play.   We will concentrate on one theme at a time, and many of our activities will revolve around this theme (stories, crafts, music, games, cooking, etc.). Many of our themes and activities are geared around the children’s interest; with a small group, it is always fun to do.  Many times through the children's interest and questions our curriculum moves to a new level and everyone learns so much more!

There is a nice mix of curriculum driven activities and free play.  I believe young children should have plenty of opportunity to free play, explore and use their imaginations.  This strengthens social skills as children play and learn to problem solve; some of the most important abilities they should have when entering Kindergarten.

Look at the images below to get a peek at some of our adventures.

Learning, growing, having fun!

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To see a list of all the childcare regulations for the State of Mass. visit The Department of Early Education and Care website

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